Dave Marks cropped

Dave Marks

Operations Manager

E-mail: dave@waterheatersolutions.com

Raised by a General Contractor, Dave dug his first sewer line trench before reaching double digits. Working has been a way of life, encompassing home additions, painting crews, and residential project management. Eventually, he found a niche working directly with customers. For over a decade, he had the opportunity to collaborate with a nationwide B2B product and service company. During this time, he worked with Federal and State government agencies, school districts, and some of the largest private and public corporations in the country. Providing excellent customer service through negotiating contracts was his forte.
Dave is thrilled to be part of the team at Water Heater Solutions because he knows the crew is dedicated to excellence. Pursuing our mission to ensure a reputation of competence and integrity, we deliver quality solutions, products, and services. We aim to be the Water Heater Solution you want to tell your neighbors about.